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Inspiring Speakers at the World Medical Tourism Congress 2016


Today, everything is changing in the medical tourism industry. What are you doing to expand your network of providers and stay ahead of the competition? Consider The 9th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, the most global event in healthcare and medical travel, bringing together over 200 buyers of healthcare from over 100 countries.

In a just released report issued by VISA and Oxford Economics, the medical tourism industry was valued at a staggering USD 100 billion, with a projected growth rate of up to 25% year-over-year for the next 10 years as an estimated three to four percent of the world’s population will travel internationally for healthcare and health-related treatment.

On Sunday September 25th, 2016 the #WMTC16 will become a platform for over 10,000 networking meetings between providers and buyers of healthcare services, government delegates, ministers of health and tourism, ambassadors and insurance executives.

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The Medical Tourism Association wants to introduce to you a handful of this year’s inspiring speakers who will be providing you with the newest amps and current innovations in healthcare, tourism, insurance, hospitality, and medical tourism. Here are some of the inspiring speakers:

  • Kelly Jenkins
  • Rajit Mehta
  • Lisa Clarke
  • Carmen Baez Franceschi
  • Jangar M. Richards, MHSA
  • Laurent Pochat-Cottilloux
  • Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired Wilson Ariza
  • Anand Srivastava
  • Richard H. Taylor
  • David Hamod
  • Rohit Kulkarni
  • Darlene Carty Baptiste
  • Daniel, Dau-Yaung Lu, M.D.
  • Fahad Altamimi
  • J.D. Polk
  • Gia Riney
  • Pier Paolo Bucalo, PhD. MBA
  • Leila Krešić-Jurić
  • Lisa G. Han
  • Jeffrey L. Brown
  • Adilya Satybaldiyeva
  • Robert E. Wheeler
  • Tamar Tchelidze, MD, MPH
  • Maryna Lapta
  • Laila Al Jassmi

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