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Hotels cater to the traveling patient

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Patients traveling to a country for medical care not only benefit the health care industry, but they have a pretty significant hand in boosting the economy. Patients and their companions need somewhere to stay and dine before and after the procedure.

In most cases patients will be in the foreign country for a longer period of time, since many will be spending a lot of time in their hotel room recovering, many opt for an upgrade. The average medical tourist spends anywhere from five to 12 times the amount of what a typical tourist would spend on travel costs.

The Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin realized the opportunity to combined hotel offerings packaged with medical care, aiming to save the client some money. The health-care package they created includes, flight, hotel, and connects the client with a regional hospital.

Casa Velas Hotel & Ocean Club in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is another example of a hotel taking advantage of the nearby medical care.

The medical accommodations offered at this hotel are really above and beyond, which has brought back a number of clients.

Casa Velas joined forces with Amerimed, a network of hospitals that adhere to U.S. health-care standards. They go so far as to offer hotel/medical staff 24 hours a day for patients recovering from procedures. The hotel offers personalized diet plans for patients and they uphold high levels of discretion for patients providing a private place to recover.

So many countries are known for having amazing hotel accommodations that really know how to cater to the guest and provide a five star experience. If you already have the tourist part down why not increase your numbers by expanding to a broader audience. Make health care one more feature that the hotel offers.

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