Why Medical Tourism Professionals Need to Speak with HR Professionals


As a human resources professional, you need to fill a lot of roles. HR professionals need to determine and fill holes in the staff, manage employee relations, manage the company health plan, and much more. All the while trying to save the company money. It’s a difficult job, but the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC) is here to introduce to you new ideas and people who can make your job easier.

This is why EHBC is integrated with the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress (WMT&GHC). Because medical tourism could potentially get your employees the care they need, back to work quicker and save your health plan money.

Medical tourism, put simply, is traveling beyond your home for medical treatment. Some large American companies like Lowes and Wal-Mart currently engage in domestic medical tourism, and have bundled payment agreements with renowned hospitals like the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic.

Essentially, the employers agree to send their employees who need certain medical procedures to these hospitals for a pre-negotiated price per patient. The employers get reduced prices and can be able to predict how much they will spend that year, and the hospital gets a steady stream of patients.

Some employers are also sending their workers in need of medical care overseas. Great care can be received across the globe, often for a fraction of the cost if the procedure were done in the United States. For example, a typical knee replacement in the United States would cost an average of $35,000 per knee, whereas in India the same surgery – with the same kind of implant – would cost around $6,600.

Patients traveling internationally will find hospitals that are up to international standards, staffed with highly trained doctors performing the latest in medical advances. So take a trip to the “other side of the exhibit hall” to learn more about medical tourism and to how they can help you and your employees.

The Employer Healthcare and Benefits Congress will be attended by many HR professionals.

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