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How fair use of drugs/medicines for stretching height of men/women’s , for enlargement of body organs, for sexual desires and something like that in normal conditions? In normal conditions it could be critical & dangerous for health. Addiction of these drugs/medicines can effect the people physically & socially and use of un-natural ways for enhancing the power, enlargement of organs, height stretching everything is not necessary for normal men/women.

I have visited few countries where i noted that these drugs/medicines are easily available even small stalls can be seen around the public paces which seems have no law. I felt not good because there were many cases have been noted that instant use of these drugs/ medicines can be cause numerous critical diseases and even death.

So, we need to have a proper law for using these and i am sure we have law in this world but not properly practising. I would request to endeavourer, look into matter, its serious issue and because of not having proper attention, un-necessary use of these drugs/medicines damaging the social lives of our sweet people.


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