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Improve the Healthcare Experience - Love Your Patients

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Dr. Scott Diering- Author of Love Your Patients!

Presented by the author of the book, the session Love Your Patients: Improving Patient Satisfaction with Essential Behaviors That Enrich the Lives of Patients and Professionals will teach you the words and actions that healthcare workers should use in order to enhance any patient’s healthcare experience.

It will focus on the importance of love in healthcare as it is comprised of compassion, respect and humility. It will also provide examples to illustrate how good caregivers can be offensive when behaving without love and how to avoid these situations.

Finally, it will address the scientific basis of admonition. The workshop will be presented at the 5th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress. The event is held in Florida on October 24th-26th 2012.

Dr. Diering is a practicing emergency medicine physician, who also gives lectures and workshops on patient satisfaction. He founded Love Your Patients! Inc. to make the world a better place.

He currently lives and works in western Maryland. Previously, Dr. Diering worked in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, where he was hospital media spokesperson, wrote and hosted the hospital's TV segments, and was county Medical Society president.

Before attending medical school at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Dr. Diering practiced as a clinical psychologist. He earned his Master's Degree in clinical psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Dr. Diering grew up in New Jersey, and graduated from Rutgers College in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1983. He still has many friends and family in New Jersey, and his New Jersey roots are easily seen in his language and mannerisms.

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