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In Cuba, Parkinson Disease has been Defeated.

Industry News

Cuban investigators have developed a technique to implant live nervous cells deep into the brain that cures Parkinson's disease. Doctor Julián Alvarez Blanco, Director of the International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN), explained that this achievement in Cuban medicine was made due to development of a cutting-edge surgical procedure called stereotaxic surgery (or minimal access surgery), together with the newest techniques of computerized brain mapping and superficial and deep registers of the brain's electrical activity.

This technique allows us to precisely implant the generative cells in the affected areas, by means of a cannula with a very small diameter, and with minimum risk for the patient's life, said Dr. Alvarez. Namely, very precise paths have been settled to reach deep brain structures.

We are very proud to be one of the most advanced centers of the world in the neuroscience field, said the Cuban specialist.CIREN also gives hope to those who have suffered damage and death of brain cells, which have caused aphasias (difficulties in expression and understanding) due to encephalic accidents, thrombosis, craneoencephalic trauma and hemiplegies. Patients treated at CIREN recover many of the lost functions when they are treated with new neurorestorative methods.

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