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A Filipino medical tourism company offers medical travelers a worry-free world-class health holiday in the Philippines. A medical traveler has found the ideal medical tourism company if all he has to think about is packing and getting to the airport.

This idea by Wouter Hoeberechts is truly spot-on. In his article &ldquoThe Good the Bad & the Ugly: Choosing a Global Health Care Company&rdquo (Medical Tourism Magazine March 2008) the medical tourism expert lists important questions all medical travelers must ask before choosing a medical tourism company.

Philippine Medical Tourism Inc. (PMTI) the first Filipino medical tourism company to be accepted as a member of the US-based Medical Tourism Association (MTA) is confident it measures up to the standards set by Mr. Hoeberechts.

&ldquoAs our catchphrase &lsquoholding your hand through it all' suggests we guide the medical traveler from the moment he decides to come to the Philippines until he returns home&rdquo says Eva A. Trinidad President of PMTI.

Customized medical travel packages

PMTI offers customized medical travel packages that give the medical traveler a wide range of options&mdashfrom medical facility and doctor choice of airline seats hotel accommodations and type of holiday package.

All medical travel packages include standard amenities such as airport-to-hotel/hotel-to-airport transfer a cellular phone for local use welcome massage a welcome kit that includes client's itinerary and information on Philippine culture getting around Manila and tourist destinations in the country. Medical travelers are entitled to chauffer-driven transfers to and from the medical facility for initial consultation pre-operative consult surgery post-operative consult and one follow-up visit.

Standard amenities also include a personal assistant who will accompany client to all pre- and post-medical consults and take care of all client's needs. PMTI can arrange for a personal assistant of a particular nationality (other than Filipino) if the medical traveler requests for one. If needed the company can also provide clients with translators nurses caregivers or nannies.

As a medical travel planner PMTI offers integration services for a broad range of medical procedures including but not limited to all major surgeries ophthalmology dental and cosmetic procedures wellness programs and alternative medical care.

Topnotch well-rounded team

We have gained the knowledge and expertise to ensure a safe and pleasurable medical travel experience for our clients&rdquo says Joel Garcia Board Member who finished his Master's Degree in Health Services Administration at The George Washington University in Washington DC.

PMTI is composed of a group of individuals with diverse business and corporate backgrounds but with common passion to realize a vision for excellent Philippine medical tourism services.

Members of the management team have combined leadership experience and expertise in health administration travel hotel information technology management business process outsourcing marketing restaurant management and leisure facilities management.

The company is aligned with the country's best hospitals and clinics that are staffed by internationally-trained and board-certified doctors. &ldquoFilipino healthcare professionals are renowned the world over for their competence compassion and hospitality&rdquo says Garcia who is also an associate of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

PMTI's partners include airlines travel agencies hotels tour operators resorts transport firms golf clubs and spas. All partner leisure facilities offer specialized services designed to make recuperation as relaxing and pleasurable as possible. With the doctor's permission PMTI will arrange a pre- or post-surgery holiday for the medical traveler so he can experience some of the world's best tourist attractions the Philippines has to offer.

Fast efficient convenient

PMTI has a user-friendly website that offers medical travelers a convenient way to learn about the company as well as to inquire about or avail of its services.

Medical travelers need only to talk to PMTI and we arrange everything for them&rdquo says Garcia. "We are a one-stop medical tourism shop."

From scheduling appointments with the preferred facility and doctors and arranging initial consultation with the doctor via e-mail or phone to address any client concern or question to booking air travel and hotel accommodations PMTI provides a "seamless" integration of services.

Integrity is paramount

PMTI strictly adheres to the principle that earning clients' trust is as important as ensuring customer satisfaction. All PMTI transactions are transparent and above-board. The company derives revenues from special arrangements with affiliated medical facilities and practitioners who see value in the company's efforts in ensuring the comfort and security of medical travelers who visit the Philippines.

&ldquoPMTI does not and will never give package or procedure cost estimates that exceed what hospitals and clinics quote to medical travelers who directly inquire with them&rdquo explains Garcia. &ldquoAny savings that may be earned are credited back to the client.&rdquo

As the country's pioneer medical tourism integrator PMTI aims to set service standards in this new industry says Garcia. &ldquoWe want to be the best.

Eric Michael Santos is a freelance medical journalist based in Manila Philippines. He has been writing about medicine and health since 1997. His work has been published in Medical Tribune a monthly newspaper for health professionals and HealthToday a monthly consumer magazine among others. He may be contacted at

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