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Destination Spotlight

The growth of medical tourism has truly opened a world of options for patients and their families. In fact, there are so many options that the task of choosing the best provider for each situation requires disciplined research and analysis. In the course of reviewing hospitals for clients of medical tourism agency China Health Today, I’ve identified key characteristics that will aid clients in making smart decisions and assuring a successful experience.

A recent visit to Taiwan Adventist Hospital (TAH) illustrated many of these key points. This modern hospital is one of over 600 medical institutions in the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church. Since the hospital’s relocation from mainland China to the district of Taipei, this medical center has grown to become one of the country’s premier teaching hospitals with a growing, international reputation. Sabrina Wang, TAH’s Director of Marketing, gave me an eye-opening tour of the hospital facilities and campus, while providing valuable insight into their philosophy for healing and healthful living.

Ms. Wang noted that TAH provides a full complement of medical and surgical services characteristic of a teaching and referral center. The latest advances in medical equipment are evident throughout the center; including 4-D ultrasonography and low-dose, 128-slice computerized tomography to reduce radiation exposure.


Beyond the advanced technology, medical and surgical treatment, TAH is perhaps best distinguished by the level of attention paid to patients and their families. Ms. Wang explained that “TAH has special emphasis on the entire family for the entire lifetime. It is a Department of Health baby-friendly designated facility with a reproductive medicine and infertility center. At TAH, we have pediatrics and child health and rehabilitative services.”

Expanding on the full lifetime of healthful living emphasis, TAH has regular routine and “Executive” health assessments. There is also the NewStart Center, located in a pristine area on the outskirts of Taipei, that provides lifestyle instruction in health maintenance, exercise and nutrition; as well as providing recreational facilities for patients and their families to enjoy together.

This attention to a patient’s companions is particularly important for medical tourists, who are often accompanied by friends or family members in their quest for medical treatment. Engaging everyone in the healing and rehabilitation process is critical to the patient’s long term health.


Being part of such a world-wide organization and accustomed to the care of international patients, TAH operates a busy International Patient Center. The Center includes VIP accommodations, priority care services, and even a Celebrity Services Program. The Celebrity Services Program boasts a “Celebrity Wall” with autographs of numerous dignitaries from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, the United States, and beyond. The importance of these services cannot be overlooked in medical tourism, as we guide clients through different environments, customs, and protocols to provide the level of care and attention that they deserve.

In the course of my tour of Taiwan Adventist Hospital, Ms. Wang and I spent a substantial amount of time educating one other about our respective organizations and developing processes to streamline and improve the travel and healthcare experience of visiting patients and their companions. For more information regarding medical travel and tourism experiences in Taiwan and Taiwan Adventist Hospital contact info@

About the Author

Liwen Williams graduated from Pittsburg State University, Kansas, with numerous honors and an M.A. in Communications. She has accrued valuable international business experience as a translator and administrator, while also serving as a translator and editor for a video production firm. He travels frequently throughout the United States, Taiwan, Japan, and China. She is co-owner of Golden Parts Retriever, an import/ export company based in Florida, and is associated with China Health Today (, a medical travel firm agency specializing in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Korea. China Health Today is a member of the Medical Tourism Association.

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