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Next Stop ~ Yucatan

Industry News

An incredible partnership has formed between a US Clinic Network and a US-Canadien Medical Tourism Facilitator company.

US medical clinic network, MediCruiser Family Practice of Salt Lake City, Utah, grew tired of watching their uninsured or under-insured patients battle the US healthcare system and lose each time. They chose to take a creative approach in order to help their patients and forge a bond with medical tourism facilitator company, Medical Travel Yucatan.

Now patients of MediCruiser Family Practice can obtain affordable, high quality healthcare abroad with the help and support of their primary care doctors. All in all, a win-win situation for patients, their providers and medical tourism.

Should we look for this to be a trend in medical tourism? Definitely and this proves that US physicians are realizing the benefits of adding medical tourism into their practice. This could be huge for the industry in coming years, as more doctors and hospitals follow suit. In response to Obamacare, more and more patients will be looking for creative options such as traveling outside their country's borders for healthcare. If they're smart, medical clinics will take action and adapt to these changes by becoming a player in the medical tourism industry.

For more on this creative medical tourism partnership, click here.

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