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Interview with the Arab German Insurance Co. - Platinum Sponsor at #IMTCJO

Industry News

Interview with the Arab German Insurance Co. Ltd- Platinum Sponsor for Jordan's International Medical Tourism, Wellness & Spa Congress

Established in March 1996, the Arab German Insurance Co. Ltd ( AGI) provides both General Insurance which covers the Commercial and Industrial sector; they also have specialized Personal Lines products that they are constantly developing and upgrading.

Medical insurance which represents the core area of their business is the major concern for providing their distinguished clients with the best insurance service in Jordan. That's why they established a separate company fully owned by AGI to manage the health care insurance network.

Reem Issa Al- Raimouny, assistant general manager for AGI answers the questions below about AGI and the medical tourism industry.

Q: What are you expecting to gain by attending/sponsoring this conference in Jordan?

A: This international event will bring public and private medical and health institutions together with the insurance companies and will pave the way to negotiate fruitful business and partnership opportunities and discuss new international medical insurance schemes to be provided for international patients from all over the world.

The insurance industry in the global health tourism started to play a major role as the number of cash payers is decreasing in favor of medical insurance beneficiaries and insurance companies started looking for alternative destinations to provide medical insurance packages with qualitative medical services and reasonable prices especially after the global recession.

We believe that the congress taking place in Jordan, which has high ranking in the global health tourism industry will, constitute an excellent opportunity for our company to network with the major stakeholders in this industry who are participating in the congress in addition to consulting with them to find out the best medical insurance solutions could be provided for patients from all over the world

Q: Why did AIG decide to sponsor this conference at such a prominent level?

A: We are total supporters of NPO’s, and we believe hand in hand with PHA, (an organization we have the up most respect for, for its values and its respectable management in the medical community) the message of advanced health industry in Jordan will be fully executed. And I would like to take this opportunity to announce that we will continue to support PHA in future events as well.

Q: Has your company cooperated with international insurance companies offering re- insurance procedures for foreign patients especially from the U.S. and Europe?

A: Unfortunately not yet, but we are willing to cooperate with a reputable insurance company or foreign nationals to administer their health insurance in Jordan

Q: What do you think about the current medical tourism industry? How has it changed in the past few years?

A: The medical tourism industry has leaped throughout the past 10 years; the only problem I foresee is the lack of funds from the tourism association to promote Jordan as a medical tourism hub. But for sure it has revolutionized in the past ten years but not to our expectations.

Q:  Why do you think insurance companies have not mainstreamed the implementation of medical tourism?

A: To be honest, I don't agree with that. I really think that this will be a good opportunity for insurance companies to introduce new insurance coverage, increase the cooperation with international bodies, and introducing a new level of customer service.

Q: What are your hopes/predictions for the future?

A: If medical service providers, insurance companies, governments, and travel agencies set an action plan, each in his area, and work on that very hard, Jordan will be in the near future a choice for wellness and medical service.

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