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Is globalization responsible for ruining ethnic features and increasing plastic surgery?

Industry News

Although it is not considered odd for the public to want to look like their favorite actor or celebrity, due to globalization, it seems like there is an increasing number of people are requesting to look like a difference ethnicity.

In an article found in a popular Turkish online newspaper, Dr. Ibrahim Oskui states that he has had an increase in patients traveling from Iran, Bulgaria, Iraq, and Arab countries specifically so they can look like an actor from their favorite Turkish television show. Turkish television reaches many bordering countries and many people from the Middle East are taking extreme measures to look like those actors they see on their screen weekly.

This is not a new discovery; I personally noticed this trend many years ago. While I was watching a television series on plastic surgery, one patient really caught my attention. She was a young Asian-American woman who wanted to have eyelid surgery to create a crease on her eyelid so her eyes would look more open.

She mentioned that it's a common procedure to have in the Asian community since most do not have a crease naturally. She defended herself and said her reason for surgery was not to look more Caucasian, but thought the additional feature would improve her overall beauty.

Then there is the infamously titled procedure The Brazilian Butt Lift to also consider. Lately, more and more women are using implants to enhance their rear end rather than just their chest. Typically a larger rear is found in exotic, ethnic woman such as those from countries in South American. Now, a somewhat exclusive feature is available for all ethnics to attribute by the means of plastic surgery.

Does this mean that eventually strong ethnic features that set us apart will become obsolete? It seems that as each year goes by, features thought of as beautiful are becoming more standardized than in the eyes of the beholder and plastic surgery is becoming the key to unlock this universal beauty.

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