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Israel Ministry of Tourism Sponsors Medical Tourism Congress

Industry News

The Medical Tourism Association is excited to announce The Israel Ministry of Tourism as a Bronze Sponsor for the 4th Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress held in Chicago, IL October 25-28th.

Israel's medical landscape is continually changing, with never ending stream of research, innovation and scientific breakthroughs. Israel's reputation as a center for specialized medical treatment is well established, and many patients worldwide are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits and cost effectiveness of medical treatments in Israel.

Today more than ever, Israel's hospitals cater to the needs of international patients, to meet the demands that have developed for their services in the international arena. Both public and private facilities have special departments with multilingual staff, to take care of the patients who come from all corners of the world.

Israel's hospitals are home to some of the world's leading surgeons, diagnosticians and medical doctors, and the country's nurses and physical therapists are well known for their rigorous attention to details and high level of patients care. In addition, the hospitals boast the most advanced equipment available, and the country's ongoing commitment to medical research and development is resulting in many scientific breakthroughs in the fields of equipment, surgical procedures, medical diagnosis and treatments.

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