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Israel Pioneer in Medical Tourism

Destination Spotlight

Representatives of GHI, Global Health Israel, the medical tourism company that partners with MTA in Israel, attended the Second Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Moshe Steiner, GHI’s President, and Ms. Natalie Steiner, Vice President of Marketing, presented the company’s past and future activities to conference delegates.

Thanks to 35 years of networking with medical centers around the world and in Israel, GHI enjoys strong relationships with the top management of Israel’s hospitals, health clinics and government ministries, as well as with R&D leaders and medical device manufacturers.

In his presentation, Mr. Steiner outlined the strong potential for medical tourism in Israel, a country that has given the world a great number of medical innovations.

The key players who are responsible for making Israel a global leader in medical technology and treatment are ready and eager to promote medical tourism in the country, said Mr. Steiner. Israel has already had great results from Eastern and Western Europe and Russia, and he expressed excitement about the potential for North America.

Although a small country, with only 7 million people, Israel has built one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world.

Israel is a center for R&D, with the highest number of life science patents per capita of any country in the world. Around 900 companies in Israel are dealing in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, biotechnology and related high-tech.

Israeli hospitals offer advanced treatment in oncology, cardiac care, urology and trauma treatment, and many other lifesaving procedures. Laparoscopic surgery and other medical high-tech is considered ordinary. For Israelis, “cutting-edge technology” means Image-Guided Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy, or the Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System for cardiac procedures.

Israel’s high value on the family is seen in the R&D invested in fertility treatments. The IVF treatments there have a success rate of 35 percent, compared to 20 percent in other countries.

Many of the world’s leading orthopedic surgeons are also based in Israel, offering treatment for birth defects, injuries, joint replacements, and rehabilitation. Cosmetic surgery and obesity treatment are at a very advanced level as well.

This top-quality medical care is available to every Israeli citizen through the country’s national health funds.

This, together with the Western standards of hygiene and nutrition, enable Israelis to enjoy a life expectancy of 78 years for males and 82 years for females – ranked no. 13 in the world… above most of Europe, and way ahead of the United States, which ranks number 50. (Source: CIA World Factbook for 2009)

Mr. Steiner emphasized that the most amazing aspect of this outstanding healthcare is the price tag – around 35 percent of the cost in the U.S. for similar treatment. Americans can save 65 percent on medical expenses and receive top-quality care by coming to Israel.

A few examples of the cost difference:

• Cardiovascular procedures, neurosurgery, and cancer treatment have an average cost of $18,000 for the medical tourist in Israel.

• A cycle of IVF in Israel costs $3,000 to $3,500. In the US it’s $16,000 to $20,000.

• Bypass surgery in Israel can cost up to $35,000, including flights and accommodation, while in the US, the cost is $120,000 for uninsured patients.

The wonderful tourism options that Israel has to offer, encompassing history, archaeology, fine dining, culture, spirituality, sports, night life and amazing nature reserves set Israel apart as a fantastic medical tourism destination. Mr. Steiner pointed out that Jerusalem and the Dead Sea are unique in the world. He described Israel’s beautiful beaches, mild Mediterranean winters, and sunny weather most of the year.

Over the past year, GHI has seen great success in promoting medical tourism to Israel. Mr. Steiner stated, “Our MTA conference in Tel Aviv last January drew over 60 leaders in the medical field and the government, for the purpose of working together to expand medical tourism from the West.”

As a result, a delegation of senior managers representing 4 major medical facilities also attended the Conference – from Assaf Ha-Rofeh Medical Center, Shneider Children’s Center, Mor Institute for Medical Data, and Assuta Medical Center.

Mr. Steiner outlined plans for the coming year, which will increase the pace of activity and expand GHI’s network.

They will be organizing “FAM trips” for insurance companies and medical tourism agents in the US, to view first-hand the opportunities that Israel offers. They are laying the groundwork for another MTA conference, to take place in the spring of 2010.

To help raise awareness, they are planning a magazine that will present Israel as a medical tourism destination, as well as a promotional video. GHI will also appear at other conferences, to continue the momentum.

Nathalie Steiner is Vice President of Marketing for Global Health Israel, Ltd. (GHI), a leading Medical Tourism service company in Israel working in close contact with top specialists, top medical centers and top service providers in Israel. GHI focuses on U.S. patients who seek high quality medical services for affordable prices. Ms. Steiner also serves as manager of the Israeli office of the Medical Tourism Association (MTA). In this capacity, Ms. Steiner is in charge of promoting Israel as a leading destination for medical tourism and is in close contact with top management of the leading hospitals in Israel and officials at various governmental offices. Ms. Steiner has founded GHI as a subsidiary of I.S.I. – Israel Scientific Instruments Ltd., and today it offers a wide range of high quality services in Israel to medical tourists from around the globe. For more information, Ms. Steiner can be contacted at Phone: +972-3-9238802 / Fax: +972-3-9229750 / Cell: +972-542000302 / E-mail:  Web:

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