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Jeffrey Chen Explains How to Manage a Benefit Program with the Challenges and Trends in China

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Jeffrey Chen – Executive Director of Insurance & Benefits, Insupro

Aging population, funding of social security, tax treatment and rising labor cost are all challenges of the benefit market environment in China. In a changing society, to design and manage a benefit program can be a very challenging task.

Challenges and Trends – An Overview of Benefit Market in China is an educational session which will be presented at the 5th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress and will also crossover with the Global Benefits Conference. The workshop will first give an overview of the benefit market in China, explain the dynamics of the current market and teach solutions for China related benefit issues.

Jeffrey Chen is the founder and CEO of Insupro and will be leading this topic. He has 17 years of experiences in insurance underwriting, brokering and risk & benefit consulting. Jeffrey will explain how to design and implement the benefit program in China and the solutions to the challenges he's faced.

Headquartered in Beijing, Insupro is a leading provider of comprehensive employee benefit solutions in China. Since inception in 2002, Insurpo has provided many well-known companies in China with whole-process services including employee benefit consulting, benefit/insurance brokering, employee experience improvement and benefit administration outsourcing.

Jeffrey is interested in the topics of global benefit, benefit technology and outsourcing. He graduated from China University of Politics and Law and Shanghai Maritime University. He was admitted as a member of Health Insurance Association of America.

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