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John Connell, Author of the book Medical Tourism to Speak at 2013 Congress

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Prof. John Connell
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Medical Tourism

John Connell, Author of the book Medical Tourism and Professor of Human Geography at the University of Sydney will give a keynote address during the 6th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress to be held this November in Las Vegas.

The rise of medical tourism emphasizes a number of contemporary themes including the privatization of health care in post-industrial economies, the growing dependence on technology, uneven access to health resources, the accelerated globalization of health care and tourism, rampant consumerism and cherishing the body beautiful.

Based on his book Prof. John Connell will look at the background and rise of health tourism, new emerging facets of the sector, and examines how health related travel fits into a tourism framework.

John Connell has been a consultant to the WHO, the South Pacific Commission, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. Click here to see to who else is confirmed to speak.

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