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Jordan healthcare, helping Libyan patients

Industry News

In order to handle the influx of more than 20,000 Libyan patients coming to Jordan for treatment a committee is in the process of being formed to regulate the distribution of patients to the Kingdom's hospitals.

This committee will be based at the Queen Alia International Airport to receive Libyan patients, conduct a preliminary diagnosis and then refer them to hospitals depending on their conditions. Some of the public hospitals will be staffed with specialized doctors to handle specific cases.

The Jordan Medical Association will provide the Kingdom's private hospitals with a list of doctors that possess rare specialties and are willing to offer their services to public hospitals to treat the Libyan patients.

Also, there are plans to send 2,000 male Jordanian nurses to work in hospitals in Libya. In addition to helping the Libyan patients this will also provide work for some of the 3,000 nurses that are unemployed in Jordan.

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