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Jordan Hospital A Success Story

Destination Spotlight

Gregory Anthony was one of thousands of non-Jordanian patients admitted to Jordan Hospital. He had challenging and extensive hip problems with osteoarthritis in both hips. He asked a friend if she knew anybody in Jordan who specialized in orthopedic procedures. The friend referred him to Dr. Kamel Afifi (Orthopedic Consultant Surgeon) at Jordan Hospital.

I came and visited Jordan Hospital in August 2008. We did some X-rays, and talked a little about Jordan Hospital; what their capabilities are, Dr. Kamel Afifi’s background and training. I was very impressed with Jordan Hospital and the services they provided so I scheduled an appointment for my first hip, the right side, for November 2008. Dr. Afifi went ahead and did the surgery.

As a patient at Jordan Hospital, I was very impressed with the hospital, the care and the service provided during my stay. I had a private suite, which included accomodations for my wife who was my companion. When it was time for my second hip replacement, they asked me to wait six months to make sure that everything was in order with the newly replaced hip. So I scheduled another surgery, and had the second hip done after the six month wait.

It was a lot better than I would have expected from anywhere else. That’s why I came to Jordan. I liked the service and the quality of care and surgery procedure here. I was impressed with the hospital, the whole process and found that I had significant trust in the doctors and care provided. They have top notch, high quality doctors who are very conscientious and cautious about treatments and procedures recommended to patients. Now I have two new hips, and I’m ready to go dancing and get to life again”. (Gregory Anthony, Hip replacement, USA)

Gregory’s wife shares similar sentiments. “It worked out very well,” she said. “The service is very good. The doctors were very good. So I recommend the hospital, and when I got back to the United States I found myself always talking about our experiences in Jordan”.

Gregory Anthony knew that Jordan Hospital (JH) provided high-quality care and high standards of patient safety. His case study is one of having tested the advanced medical technology at JH, experienced health services provided by highly skilled personnel, within a hospital setting operated well as an administrative system.

The following facts are significant to this patient success story:

>> As a result of its strategic direction, Jordan Hospital strives to provide premium medical care and exemplary healthcare services in a timely manner and in accordance with recognized international standards within a safe and hygienic environment at affordable costs.

>> Jordan Hospital started its administrative procedures by implementing standards of the ISO certification in 1998.

>> As a teaching and training hospital, JH established strong relationships with highly recognized institutions such as George Washington University, Nebraska University and Toledo University.

>> In 2007, Jordan Hospital became the first general specialty hospital in Jordan to receive international accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI). JH was successfully reaccredited in April 2010.

>> In 2008, Jordan Hospital became accredited by the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC), which is compliant with the International Society for Quality in Health Care ISQua standards.

>> Jordan Hospital has entered into marketing agreements with many healthcare facilitators around the world. In order to attract patients from the former Soviet Union countries, Jordan Hospital has established two websites in the Russian language that introduces the hospital and provides information about its facilities and capabilities.

>> Jordan Hospital participates effectively in the majority of the regional and international medical tourism events, conferences and exhibitions. And it has established a good presence with the local, regional, and international media.

>> In 2009, Jordan Hospital became one of forty two foreign medical sites identified by Patients Beyond Borders (Deloitte report: Medical Tourism: Update and Implications).

>> According to a 2009 statistical report; 35% of the hospital inpatients were non-Jordanians. USA nationality amongst patients was ranked number ten among 58 nationalities admitted to Jordan Hospital (Jordan Hospital annual statistical report, 2009).

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