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Jordan Hospital and Medical Center ~ A Commitment to Excellence

Destination Spotlight

Jordan Hospital and Medical Center is a multispecialty state of the art medical center that provides the same high quality expertise found in the most regarded healthcare centers worldwide. It is a well renowned regional hub for medical tourism in the Middle East. Foreigners constitute about 33% of the total number of inpatients and 50% of all same day patients with these numbers growing since 2007.

The hospital and center is accredited by JCI and ISO 9001-2000.  ISO specifies requirements for a quality management system, requiring an organization to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and regulatory requirements, also aiming to enhance customer satisfaction. In addition, JH&MC has met HCAC standards that are compliant with the International Society of Quality (ISQua), working to achieve excellence in healthcare delivery.

Quality indicators, complication rates, physician credentials, infection control processes and satisfaction surveys are continuously reviewed to ensure proper implementation and improvements. The medical center’s infection control program ensures that overall nosocomial infections and surgical site infection rate are below international bench marks.  Further, patient satisfaction surveys show that more than 90% of patients and families are very satisfied by medical and nursing care at JH&MC.

State of the Art Healthcare Services

The Jordan Hospital and Medical Center utilizes the latest medical equipment and techniques including diagnostic and interventional technology. Among these innovative techniques are robotic, neuro-surgery, neuro-navigation, radiology, nuclear medicine, IVF, laboratory, minimally invasive and vitreous surgical techniques. The hospital also boasts a new state of the art trauma, accident and emergency department which include a helipad and ambulance transport system.

Complementing these dynamic features the physicians at Jordan Hospital represent a selection of some of the most reputable consultants worldwide. They are competent, well trained, and English speaking; many have received training and credentials in the US or UK. There are no language barriers at Jordan Hospital because English is spoken universally and is also the language used in medical care and medical records.

The JH&MC has partnership agreements with George Washington University Medical Center, Nebraska University Medical Center and Toledo University Medical Center, where exchanges of students, faculty and services happen frequently.

The facility is acknowledged by the Jordan Medical Council and Arab Board for Medical Specialties as a well recognized medical teaching center. There are more than 100 residents and fellows in various residency programs in a wide range of specialties. Many consultant physicians from the entire region are trained to learn modern and cutting edge techniques.

The JH & MC has two modern catheterization labs powered by GE advanced healthcare products. Close to 2000 interventions are conducted in the lab annually. The success rates of percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) are about 99% in routine cases and 97% in the more complex procedures. The cardiac services are supported by the cardiothoracic surgical team. The overall hospital mortality rate for cardiac surgery patients is below 2.2%.

The Renal Transplantation program also has a high success rate above 90% and surgical complication rates of below 5%. Moreover, the In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and genetics counseling programs, which have engaged in more than 15,000 cases, have experienced success rates of 60% for ICSI (sperm injection of eggs) and 30% for the transfer of embryos.

Other medical services such as orthopedics, transplantation, plastic surgery and vitreous ophthalmic surgery are also available. Total hip replacements (cemented or cement less) and total knee replacements with (PCL – Posterior Cruciate Ligament) preserved or not, are performed routinely with good results; complication rates (which are mostly minor) are below 7%. The prostheses used in these procedures are FDA approved.

The Jordan Hospital and Medical Center offers comprehensive medical coverage in all the medical specialties in accordance to recognized international standards and with significant cost saving prices. In addition, it provides facilities to patients and their families that include apartments within the hospital premises that boast internet and tourist services on request. This service provides a safe environment for the patient and their companions. Jordanian’s hospitality and respect for their guests are well known.

The expansive scope of services available at The Jordan Hospital and Medical Center;  the expertise of the physicians, advanced technology, the dedication to quality patient care, effective infection control programs, and the positive patient outcomes have made it a provider of high quality healthcare and a world class facility.

Dr. Abdallah Al-Bashir is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Jordan Hospital as well as a member of the Jordan Surgical Society of which he was President for four consecutive years. Dr. Al-Bashir is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. As one of the driving forces of the growth of the Medical Tourism industry in Jordan, Dr. Abdallah Al-Bashir is extremely active in all issues that will aid the prosperous future of Jordan as a top destination for medial tourism globally. Dr. Abdallah Al-Bashir may be reached at

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