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Largest Private Hospital Network in Mexico Treating Cancer in Multidisciplinary Ways...

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Hospital Angeles Tijuana, part of Grupo Angeles, a network of multifunctional hospitals in Mexico, has instituted an integrative approach to cancer treatment. They have combined holistic therapies with traditional therapies in an effort to battle cancer more effectively.

In fact, they have a name for this type of treatment and they're calling it a functional oncology treatment program and it is part of their medical travel program. Specialists in internal medicine, nutrition, chiropractic, biological dentistry, Functional Medicine, and Psychology are all part of this functional team and work together to target cancer cells while sparing healthy cells.

This is unique because traditional cancer treatments in the US and other countries as well typically include radiation therapy, surgery and chemotherapy, all of which may damage healthy cells and tissue and cause irreparable damage. This affects a patient's quality of life. At Hospital Angeles Tijuana, they believe in maintaining quality of life while also treating and destroying cancer cells.

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