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Medical Tourism Training

Leaping Forward in Medical Tourism Training

Medical Tourism Training

Do you want to get ahead in medical tourism? Do you want to increase your stake and reputation in the industry? Or do you want to expand your clientele and attract more health payers and patients? The key is knowing and doing the right things.  

Medical travel as we know it now has changed considerably; patient expectations and demands have shifted, and the medical tourism ecosystem is now being driven by new factors and determinants. Is your program still based on traditional paradigms or are have you remodeled your packages to fit the new model of medical travel?  

The Certified Medical Travel Professional (CMTP) is your key to leaping forward and gaining new heights in the medical tourism industry. Developed by the Global Healthcare Accreditation, this medical tourism training helps medical providers and other medical tourism stakeholders to focus on the core levers of medical travel, including patient experience, effective marketing, and building the right business models.  

In the new era of medical travel, only those with the knowledge of their patient’s needs and expectations and appropriate strategies to meet these needs will get ahead.  

CMTP offers stakeholders a comprehensive understanding of the medical travel continuum, exploring all the touchpoints of care, from pre-travel communication and patient interaction to departure, treatment phase, and discharge. Each of these phases have key elements that define the patient experience.  

CMTP medical tourism training helps participants and medical tourism stakeholders take a holistic approach to the medical tourism journey, providing first-rate services across all the touchpoints and phases of the care continuum.  

CMTP also provides professionals with better visibility and facilitates new partnerships to enhance their offerings and rebrand their services. This is not only integral to improving patient experience, but it also a crucial factor to expanding the quality and spread of their medical tourism programs.  

CMTP also offers professional recognition to your brand to boost trust and confidence in potential clients and health payers. With the certification from this medical tourism training, stakeholders will recognize y that you have the expertise, in-depth knowledge, and skillset to deliver outstanding patient experience across the continuum of care.  

The CMTP also broadens your scope to allow people to branch into new career prospects in medical tourism, as you have a higher level of knowledge in every aspect of medical travel and international patient experience.  

As part of the training, participants learn risk-mitigation in medical travel, which explores the potential risks in medical travel, including medical risks, infection risks, data privacy concerns, and legal issues. The training program equips participants with knowledge of medical legislation and data regulations that affect medical travel, and effective policies to build to prevent breaches and legal risks.  

The certification is suitable for healthcare providers, healthcare managers and leaders, medical tourism facilitators, travel agents, insurers, human resources executives, and medical travel businesses looking to get ahead and stand out in their medical tourism offerings.  

With the CMTP program, participants have access to online continuing education resources and tools to keep them updated with trends and shifts in the industry and strategies to adopt in unprecedented times.  

The CMTP also explores the nuances of marketing in medical tourism, helping participants understand what works and what doesn’t in medical travel. Trainers take the participants through various marketing models and how they impact the care journey vis-a-vis how they impact the brand.  

This aspect of the training also explores the importance of communication with medical tourists, and how cultural competence is a key currency and lever in communication and patient experience. The medical tourism training also helps participants understand the role of technology in patient care, and how stakeholders can leverage technology the right way to achieve outstanding results for patients.  

The CMTP course is made of 12, on-demand training courses and more than 250 continuing education videos that focus on medical travel business models, medical travel care continuum, care facilitation, hospitality in medical travel, brand management, accreditation, and best practices in medical travel.  

Finally, trains stakeholders to rebrand their business models to fit the post-COVID-19 reality. Medical travel before and after the pandemic have sharply different elements, as patients and health payers are now more focused on safety. Hence, succeeding in the post-COVID-19 world as a business requires operational shifts and remodeling to ensure patient safety and well-being across the care continuum.  

International health payers are now more intentional about their health and the choices they make about them. Therefore, medical travel providers must pay attention to what these changes are, and adopt the right-thinking patterns and operational models to meet patients at their points of needs. The CMTP medical tourism training equips individuals and businesses in the medical tourism ecosystem to leap forward and achieve excellence in patient care and patient experience.  

Global Healthcare Accreditation

Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) through the CMTP course helps medical tourism program refocus on the patient experience and helping them meet the needs of the new normal of medical travel.  

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