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Learn About the Benefits in the Andean, Central American and Caribbean (AnCeCa) from Robert DiCianni

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Robert DiCianni, Senior Vice President of Pan-American Life Insurance Group

Robert DiCianni will be leading the session Benefits in the AnCeCa (Andean, Central American, and Caribbean) Region at the 5th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress which crosses over with the Global Benefits Conference.

Mr. DiCianni oversees all the International Operations for Pan-American Life. He is responsible for driving growth in the corporation through the design and implementation of strategies and policies pertaining to sales, operations, and human resources.

Mr. DiCianni has close to 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, almost 20 years of which have been focused in Latin America. He has extensive experience in local, regional, and home office roles.

He has been a CEO of insurance companies in three different countries in Central and South America and Mexico, with diverse experiences ranging from starting a green field operation to successfully manage a turnaround situation.

Prior to joining Pan-American Life, Mr. DiCianni served as Vice President with MetLife International, managing MetLife's corporate business throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. His past experience, he was with ALICO/AIG for over 20 years, where he had a track record of consistently delivering profitable growth.

He had extensive experience in group underwriting, TCN/Expatriate business, and Multinational Pooling before concentrating in the Latin America region. Mr. DiCianni began his career as a Group Underwriter with Prudential.

His session will be a quick trip around AnCeCa, explaining current Employee Benefits trends, focusing on insurance benefits. It will also attempt to provide insight as to new, emerging trends, and how Benefits plans are addressing the needs of employers, employees, and evolving out-of-country treatment alternatives.

The learning objectives will include: learn the standard benefit plan designs in this region, get input as to how these designs may be evolving in the future and also learn how employers, providers, and insurers are responding to the varying levels of service and/or treatment that may be available in these countries.

Mr. DiCianni will cover a description of benefit plans in the markets, identification of challenges in the markets with these plans and how they're responding and how quality-of-care issues and Medical Tourism are affecting benefits plans.

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