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Learn How to Persuade Through Caring, Empathy and Emotion from Kate O'Neill

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Kate O'Neil, CEO of [Meta] Marketer

Kate O'Neill, Founder and Creator of [meta]marketer, along with Carolyn Nye (Director of Digital Interactive Group USAData Inc.) will lead the session Persuading Through Caring: Connecting with Patients on a Personal Level.

She will be explaining the importance of creating a relationship with the patient/customer so they can have good faith in your services or products which will lead to their loyalty for a long-term business partnership.

Kate has an extensive resume, have past experience working for various companies such as Netflix, HCA, Omniture and which has polished her expertise in the interplay of content, experience, strategy, and profit.

In early 2009, Kate launched meta marketer, a marketing optimization agency that focuses on helping its clients use web marketing more effectively, primarily by focusing on strategy, analytics, and usability to achieve long-term profitability. [meta]marketer provides direct services in searcher acquisition, analytics, and conversion optimization.

Kate is active in her local community, an avid supporter of the development of Nashville as a technology and marketing center.

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