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Medical Care~ Israel's Newest Tourist Attraction

Destination Spotlight

The American religious communities have always maintained a strong spiritual connection to Israel. Now there is one more reason to visit this country: unequaled medical care. Israel’s advanced medical treatments, some of the best in the world, cost only a fraction of the U.S. equivalent, while being the leading edge of medicine. This makes it possible to receive quality care while also experiencing the healing qualities of the Holy Land, all at a substantial savings.

Israel ~ A Magnet for Medical Tourism

Israel has long enjoyed a reputation as a global leader in medical R&D and high-tech applications that save lives and improve the quality of life for millions. The country maintains some of the highest standards of healthcare in the world, available to both Israeli citizens and visitors from abroad. This has given rise to a phenomenon known as medical tourism, which is becoming a sophisticated part of Israel’s tourism industry.

Last year, one and a half million Americans went abroad as medical tourists. It’s an attractive option for those whose insurance policies require the insured party to pay a portion of the bill; the entire medical cost in some countries can still result in a net savings. For those who do not have healthcare insurance, traveling internationally is often the only way to receive their necessary treatment.

It’s easy to see why Israel is high on the list for many Americans. Israeli hospitals and clinics are offering foreign visitors some of the best healthcare available in any Western country, at costs approximately 65 percent lower than the same treatment in the United States. Furthermore, many Israeli doctors and other medical specialists were trained in the U.S. and are recognized as world renowned authorities in their field, with pioneering techniques and high rates of success.

Famous for its unique tourist attractions, Israel contains thousands of years of history, religion, archeology and culture matched by natural wonders and beautiful landscapes. Additionally, high standards of comfort and luxury in hotels, malls and fine dining encompass the experience of visiting Israel as a medical tourist.

U.S. Companies Are Taking Note

American businesses, in seeking better healthcare for their work force, have begun offering medical tours to Israel as part of their employee health insurance benefits. Not least among the attractions for employees is the prospect of an all-expense-paid vacation in a beautiful Mediterranean climate as part of the treatment package.  Companies are hoping to attract and keep valued workers with such “perks” in the benefits package.

For Americans with strong religious beliefs, the combination is compelling. The justifiable pride in Israel’s contributions to the world becomes quite personal when Christians and Jews from around the globe benefit first-hand from Israeli achievements.

When the expenses are covered by medical insurance, a trip to Israel that “would be nice someday” suddenly becomes a reality. Even for those who finance the trip themselves, the total price for both medical and sightseeing during recovery is so compelling compared with U.S. treatment, it amounts to a vacation that pays for itself – in a place that offers a deeper meaning.

One of the most remarkable Israeli Medical Tourism options is IVF treatment (in-vitro fertilization). Couples who are unsuccessful in having children in the United States can expect to pay more than $20,000 for IVF, usually not normally covered by medical insurance.  

The same treatment is available at 24 different fertility clinics in Israel for around $4,000, with the added value of IVF specialists who have one of the highest success rates in the world – between 35 and 40 percent, compared with the global average of only 20 percent.

Israel Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Medical Tourists

All of Israel’s hospitals have established Medical Tourism centers, staffed by professional, multilingual personnel.  The treatments offered are comprehensive and include Orthopedics, Oncology, Cardiology, Urology, Cosmetic Surgery and rehabilitation from injuries, as well as treatment for obesity and infertility.

Moreover, the Israeli medical community is home to some of the latest advances in cancer treatment, stem cell therapy, genetic research and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Israel’s pool of quality doctors and surgeons draw from international training and experience, in addition to broad intercultural skills, ensuring patients feel safe and secure during their treatments in Israel. An added advantage for North Americans is that English is one of the official languages and is commonly spoken in Israel.

Global Health Israel (GHI) is available to assist with the logistics of navigating through the Israeli medical system and arranging all aspects of travel, including flights and accommodations.

Assistance in Accessing Israel’s Medical Tourism

Global Health Israel is the organization representing the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) in Israel.  GHI networks with American companies and religious communities to raise awareness about Israel’s Medical Tourism, enabling patients to take complete advantage of all possible opportunities.

GHI’s Vice President of Marketing, Ms. Natalie Steiner notes: “Medical tourism is booming in Israel – the numbers this past year were almost double those of the year before. Israel is recognized for some of the highest quality healthcare anywhere in the world, with a higher than average success record in certain disciplines. And even with the overseas airfare and hotel accommodations, patients are still spending less than they would for the same medical treatment in the U.S.”

Global Health Israel serves as a medical tourism operator, connecting patients from abroad with the desired medical specialists and government offices in Israel. GHI services cover every aspect of the client’s stay in Israel, handled by a personal representative: flights, visas, accommodations, day tours, nursing attendants, and any other logistical assistance that may be required. The GHI service relationship begins before the patient leaves the U.S., and includes follow-up after the patient has returned home.

American companies are beginning to integrate GHI’s Medical Tourism services in their employee medical benefits package, especially the IVF option. The insurance plan typically covers all expenses for fertility treatment in Israel, including flight, accommodations and local travel, for both the patient and a traveling companion.

Patients can work with GHI directly to arrange their own medical tour, for fertility treatments or other procedures. They can also ask their employers and/or insurance companies about including the GHI option as part of their health coverage.

The clear medical and financial advantages, plus a vacation that pays for itself, guarantee that medical tourism to Israel will soon become the preferred option for every American seeking the leader in healthcare.

About the Author

Nathalie Steiner is Vice President of Marketing for Global Health Israel, Ltd. (GHI), a leading Medical Tourism Service Company in Israel working in close contact with top specialists, top medical centers and top service providers in Israel. GHI focuses on US patients who seek high quality medical services for affordable prices. Ms. Steiner also serves as manager of the Israeli office of the Medical Tourism Association (MTA). I n this capacity, Ms. Steiner is in charge of promoting Israel as a prime destination for medical tourism and is in close contact with top management of the leading hospitals in Israel and officials in various governmental offices. Ms. Steiner has funded GHI as a subsidiary of I.H.I. – Israeli Scientific Instruments Ltd., and today it offers a wide range of high quality services in Israel to medical tourists from around the globe. She may be reached at Global Health Israel (GHI), Phone: +972-3-9232202 ext 115, Fax: +972-3-9229750, Cell: +972-54200302 and Email:

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