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Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare

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I am very happy to launch this blog  giving everyone in the medical tourism and global healthcare industry my insight  into the industry, what is happening, where, when, and what the future holds for  the industry.  We are less than two months away from the MTA's annual congress,  the World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress and the excitement and  momentum is building and growing every day.  

This year's conference should be  significantly larger with more attendees, more speakers, more exhibitors and  sponsors and more general sessions and workshops than last year.  We are hoping  for up to 2,000 attendees, about 125 exhibitors and sponsors (the exhibit hall  is almost sold out already!), and about 200 speakers.  

This year we are really  excited about our workshops because we had about 5 last year and this year we  will over 25 workshops, that are advanced, fast paced, and have some of the  healthcare leaders in medical tourism and from health insurance companies  teaching them.  

More insurance companies, employers, and governments have gotten  involved in expanding their insurance coverage across borders and allowing  patients to travel from one country to another for healthcare.  This years  congress should be very exciting and fast paced, and I look forward to seeing  you all there!Renee-Marie

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