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Medical Tourism Association Expands News Website

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Patients might be tempted to go to any length of the earth to gain access to information that would help them lead a more healthier and productive life if they didn't have it at their finger tips already on the top-ranking website for medical tourism managed by the Medical Tourism Association, which plans to expand the massive educational portal by some 1,000 news pages in the next few months for providers, facilitators, insurance companies, employers and consumers in the increasingly challenging and equally befuddling healthcare industry.

As stakeholders sense urgency behind understanding the breath of full-implementation of healthcare reform beginning in 2014, education and awareness become imperative for establishing constructive discussion and consensus solutions to issues including diminishing borders for treatment, the growing role and need for frontline health workers, escalating costs, access to care for impoverished and developing nations, patient engagement, mobile health, aging populations, infertility and family planning, and innovative technologies for eradicating non-communicable disease.

Imagine an information portal where patients can learn how to take care of themselves, said Renée-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association. They would be smart to use a site like this to obtain the knowledge that will not only help them find the treatment and procedures they need, but the healthcare they can afford. That's exactly what aims to encourage and accomplish through the presentation of timely and relevant information that positively impacts the lives of us all.

World’s Largest Medical Tourism Event

The Medical Tourism Association is host to the world's largest medical tourism event: The 6th Annual Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, Nov. 3-5, 2013, in Las Vegas. Participants, sponsors and invited speakers will be able to keep abreast of Congress updates at

The association's business-to- business educational platform regarding all industry information and up-to-date news can be found at and social network at

The Medical Tourism Association is the first membership-based international nonprofit trade association for the medical tourism and global healthcare industry made up of top international hospitals, healthcare providers, medical travel facilitators, insurance companies, and other affiliated companies and members with the common goal of promoting the highest level of quality of healthcare to patients in a global environment.

The association promotes the interests of its healthcare provider and medical tourism facilitator members. The Medical Tourism Association has three tenets: Transparency in Quality and Pricing, Communication and Education.

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