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Medical Tourism Association Releases Exclusive Video on Healthcare Reform's Affect on Medical Tourism

Industry News

The Medical Tourism Association has released an exclusive video of Jonathan Edelheit, CEO of Medical Tourism Association, discussing the Healthcare Reform's Affect on the Medical Tourism industry. Edelheit addressed the topic at the 1st Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Conference Korea, April 13-15th in Seoul Korea.

Healthcare Reform, which was passed at the end of March, will have a very positive impact on outbound Medical Tourism from the United States. Health insurance costs, which are already unattainable and too expensive for many Americans, will significantly rise with the passage of healthcare reform. This increase in cost will make medical tourism very attractive to many US citizens.

We'll see more US insurance companies and employers implementing medical tourism as a cost-savings approach, said Edelheit.

Other topics Edelheit addresses are lifetime limits, Medicare and Medicaid, fines US citizens will face if they do not purchase healthcare and the burden companies and employers will encounter upon healthcare reform.

The video is available on the new informational center launched by the Medical Tourism Association, which contains updates on Healthcare Reform's affect on Medical Tourism.

Healthcare Reform will be a major focus of the upcoming World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress, September 22nd-24th 2010 in Los Angeles, California. This is the MTA's annual conference and features up to 2,000 attendees from over 60 countries.

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