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Medical Tourism City, the Social Network for You

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The Medical Tourism Association has launched the first social network in medical tourism called Medical Tourism City. The medical tourism social network is your global healthcare community and will allow thousands of people involved in global healthcare, medical tourism, medical travel, and health tourism to meet, network, share ideas and thoughts and to help grow the industry.

This is groundbreaking for our industry! The MTA launched the social network as a way for people to find a common place to communicate and grow the medical tourism industry in a positive direction. Said Renee-Marie Stephano, editor of the Medical Tourism Magazine, and President of Medical Tourism Association.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can use the site freely. The most important part is users of the medical tourism city social network will have access to meet business people and colleagues online that otherwise they would never be able to meet, said Renee-Marie Stephano.

The Medical Tourism City social network users will be medical tourism facilitators, international hospitals, governments, ministries of health and tourism, governmental economic development entities, insurance companies, employers, consultants, health insurance agents, patients, and other industry participants.

The medical tourism city social network is expected to have thousands of active users before the end of the year. The Medical Tourism Association launched the website to help further one of its three tenants, communication. The website is expected to go beyond medical tourism and address other issues involved in international healthcare and global healthcare.

Please go to . Log in, create an account and add a photo! Try out the features of the site and post a message in a forum or write your first blog, which could be you writing about what is your focus in medical tourism!Till next time,Stephanie

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