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Medical Tourism Congress in Los Angeles a Huge Success

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The Medical Tourism Association's 2nd annual World Medical Tourism and Global Health Congress ( was held in Los Angeles this past week and achieved great success.

Over the course of three days, the annual global conference featured approximately 1,500 attendees from the public sector and private sector, health insurance companies, employers and insurance agents attended the conference largely due to work of MTA. It also featured over 160 speakers and 120 exhibitors and sponsors.

Over 60 countries participated in the conference which focused on the high quality of care and the investment in healthcare throughout the world. The conference also featured Ministers Roundtable where Ministers of Health and Tourism addressed the opportunities and challenges of the industry in their respective countries.

Dr. Ha-Jeong Park, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health & Welfare of Korea, said, The conference was very successful. We are happy with the fact we positioned Korea as the top destination of medical tourism through this conference.

He added, Along with MTA, Korea is looking forward to another big success in Korea Global Healthcare and World Medical Tourism Conference in Seoul, Korea in April 2010. The Korean government will make its best endeavor to set up the norms of medical tourism with MTA and other industry leaders.

The Medical Tourism Association ( is the non profit trade association for the medical tourism industry with over 300 members, made up of insurance companies, governmental organizations, NGO's, hospitals, facilitators and industry professionals.

MTA has done exceptional work in the Medical Tourism Industry. World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress in US certainly helps industry players to understand in-depth information about this emerging industry, said Mr. Nasser Al Budoor, Director H. E. Health Ministers Office and Director International Health Affairs, Ministry of Health, United Arab Emirates.

The MTA's goal is to further development of the medical tourism industry through our quality indicator project and alternative dispute resolution program in 2010. We look forward to very positive growth in new year for our members and working closely with many countries on initiatives to increase healthcare quality for both foreign patients and the local population, said Renee-Marie Stephano, President of the Medical Tourism Association. The MTA is guided by the input from an advisory board of 52 expert health leaders from around the world.

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