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Medical Tourism Congress: Linda Brodsky Presents How Emerging Healthcare Markets Can Learn from Past Mistakes

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The Medical Tourism Association is excited to announce Lina Brodsky as a Speaker at the 4th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress in Chicago, IL held October 25-28.

About Linda Brodsky, MD

Linda Brodsky, MD is an internationally-renowned pediatric otolaryngologist and founder of Expediting the Inevitable, an organization dedicated to changing the way the healthcare marketplace and women physicians engage to achieve business growth and clinical excellence.

Linda spent 25 years building a well-respected department at the Children's Hospital of Buffalo, and was the first women ever, in any surgical department, to be promoted to tenured full professor of otolaryngology and pediatrics at the State University of New York at Buffalo. At the top of her career, she became aware of information that led her to believe that her she was a victim of gender discrimination, and she spent the next 10 years fighting her way through a legal labyrinth.

Since the resolution of her legal battles in 2007 and 2008, she has devoted her energies to changing the status quo for the next generation of women physicians and the patients they serve.

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