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Is your facilitator certified?

Industry News

With the Medical Tourism industry booming, more people are traveling overseas for medical treatments causing a demand for facilitators.

With a good number of professionals now involved in Medical Tourism and with so many horror stories of surgeries gone wrong overseas how would you know who to trust with all the preparations before, during, and after the procedure?

Before considering any medical procedure you most DO YOUR RESEARCH! There are many great benefits when traveling aboard for medical reasons; the price of the treatments being the primary one.

So now you may be asking yourself, Well where do I begin? Finding the right facilitator will save you time, money, and hassle but with so many available it can be difficult choosing the most efficient one right?

NOT ANYMORE. The Medical Tourism Association has created the Certified Medical Tourism Specialist certification. The certification was created for facilitators who want to take the extra step in educating themselves in the industry to offer only the TOP QUALITY SERVICE to their patients.

By offering this certification we’ve made it easy for you when planning your next procedure and of course vacation overseas. You can find a list of all our Certified Medical Tourism Specialist (CMTS) on our website Now you wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best right? Then why choose just any facilitator? Make sure to ask Are you a Certified Medical Tourism Specialist? when planning your next procedure.

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