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Medical Tourism in the Ashes of Healthcare Reform ~

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Healthcare Reform, as already stated by the Medical Tourism Association, will have a huge positive impact on medical tourism, as it will increase the cost of healthcare to what amounts to staggering costs for individuals, families and employers. As this happens, many who simply cannot afford this rise in costs will begin looking elsewhere for treatment.

This is where medical tourism comes into play in a major way. Jonathan Edelheit, CEO of the Medical Tourism Association, discusses this in detail in the following article in the Medical Tourism Magazine, Medical Tourism in the Ashes of Healthcare Reform.

In it, he discusses what changes we can expect to see in the medical tourism industry as reform takes effect over the next few years. For instance, international employers and insurance companies will begin implementing medical tourism, or already have, creating global healthcare policies. This will affect employees health and wellness in a huge way. All in all, we will see major changes taking effect and medical tourism gaining a boost in light of changing healthcare in America.

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