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Medical Tourism Leadership Awards Extended!

Industry News

It was a great pleasure to award a selected group of leaders in the international healthcare industry during the 5th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress. Due to the overwhelming amount of nominations received, we decided to extend the deadline for our Leadership Awards until December 31st 2012.

Awards will be announced shortly after. We encourage everyone to submit their nominations to recognize the leaders in the medical tourism industry at

The Medical Tourism Association will award a select group of leaders in international healthcare/medical tourism whose achievements have enhanced and brought innovation to the international healthcare industry.

This award recognizes leaders in the industry for providing an exemplary program or innovation consistent with the vision of the Medical Tourism Association to advance medical tourism and initiate education by engaging others and advocating for high quality healthcare at affordable prices.

Nominations have been reopened but must be submitted by December 31st, 2012. We will be announcing the award winners shortly after the judgement by an independent committee.

Award Categories

  • Medical Tourism Person of the Year Award
  • Innovation in Medical Tourism Award
  • International Firsts
  • Individual Leadership Award
  • Employer Leadership Award for Medical Tourism
  • Government Organization Leadership Award
  • Hospital Leadership Award
  • Insurance Leadership Award
  • Excellence in Medical Tourism Facilitation Award
  • Accreditation / Quality Leadership Award
  • Travel Agency Leadership Award
  • Hotel/Hospitality Leadership Award
  • Health & Wellness Leadership Award
  • Dental Tourism Leadership Award
  • Specialty Center Leadership Award
  • Healthcare Cluster/Association/Council
  • Top Hospital Website Design (Aesthetics/Design)
  • Top Facilitator Website Design (Aesthetics/Design)
  • Excellence in Social Networking
  • Best Medical Insurance Blog
  • Best Medical Tourism Blog
  • Best Healthcare Provider Directory Website
  • Top Hospital Website Design (Functionality)
  • Top Facilitator Website Design (Functionality)


  • Being recognized as an industry leader.
  • Medical Tourism Magazine Feature: Award recipients will be featured in the magazine as an international healthcare leader if they agree.
  • An International Healthcare Leadership Award logo to put on a website
  • Award winners will be publicized in conference materials


Nominees will be reviewed and narrowed down to three for each category by an independant committee. Voting will take place until Jan. 30, 2013 and the final winners will be announced shortly after.

Who may be nominated?

All individuals that have proven to be a leader in providing international healthcare services to patients.

How to Nominate an Individual for the Medical Tourism Leadership Award?

Simply complete the survey here

For any questions or information about the Medical Tourism Leadership Awards please contact us at:

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