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Medical Tourism Magazine Released: International Firsts ~ Groundbreaking Medical Discoveries

Industry News

Medical Tourism Magazine, official publication of the Medical Tourism Association is proud to present the launch of Issue 20, International Firsts ~ Groundbreaking Medical Discoveries, which takes readers on a journey of medical advances and procedures that have revolutionized medicine globally and consequently is the core of the medical tourism industry; available exclusively online at:

The resounding themes for this issue include taking a look at the medical tourism industry and where it all began, including the Medical Tourism Association and the Medical Tourism Magazine.

Medical Tourism Magazine keeps readers on the forefront of industry developments, testimonies and reports on ever evolving medical tourism trends, including technological innovations. Stay tuned to updates on international accreditation, initiatives from healthcare providers worldwide, and much more!

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MTM | Featured Articles Issue 20

International Firsts – Groundbreaking Medical Discoveries

Are you afraid to go to the doctor? If you’re scared today, imagine seeing a physician 300 years ago. Now the drill guns and needles don’t seem as frightening, right?

The progression of technology and medical discoveries is astounding. When we see a stethoscope or have an eye exam, we tend to forget they took years to develop, as did everything else in the health field.


Healthcare in China – A Trip to the Orient

Nailing down the PERFECT healthcare system is a challenge every country faces; perfect may never be possible, but hopefully a system that works for the majority of people will be in the near future, on a global basis. With a booming 1.3 billion population China has modernized education and housing for all of those people, unfortunately healthcare hasn’t been able to keep pace with those developments.


Adapting to Changes in the Medical Tourism Market

Due to the huge proliferation in the medical tourism market, medical providers and facilitators wishing to increase their customer base and services should acknowledge the equally rapid growth of knowledge of the industry by consumers.


Medical Malpractice in the Realm of Medical Tourism

Medical malpractice causes enough confusion for doctors, lawyers and patients when it occurs locally. However, when brought into the larger sense of international travel, it can be even more difficult to understand and manage. There are no universal laws that regulate how individual countries handle medical malpractice.


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