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Medical Tourism on The Rise in South Korea

Renée-Marie Stephano
Global Healthcare Accreditation
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As public awareness for Medical Tourism grows throughout the world, some countries like India, Mexico, and the United States stand out amongst the rest. Along side public awareness of the Medical Tourism industry’s growth comes a spark of interest from governments that understand the unlimited potential Medical Tourism can offer as a revenue source for their Medical and Tourism sectors alike.

South Korea’s government has been actively promoting Medical Tourism since 2007. A recent report from The Korea Times by Kim Tae-jong states with the government’s promotion of Medical Tourism they recorded a jump in foreign patients from 7,901 in 2007 and 60,201 in 2009 to a staggering 81,789 in 2010. With this increase in Medical Tourism it is safe to say Korea is aiming to be the next major player in Medical Tourism and their influence will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

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