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Medical Travel Business Surges as Health Institutions Leverage Global Provider Network to Drive Growth

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Medical Tourism is a $100+ Billion USD industry and growing, but for many stakeholders their own medical travel business growth has yet to reach its true potential.  Marketing efforts aren’t getting the results desired, business development in a global market with different business cultures and languages is difficult and while some healthcare providers are growing and having their best year ever, other have remained static and nothing they do is moving the needle.  

Launched this year by Global Healthcare Resources (GHR), Global Provider Network repositions players in the industry to improve access to referrers and, in turn, patients as well as expanding collaborations and partnerships between industry players: healthcare organizations, healthcare providers, medical tourism facilitators, and other health sellers.  

The major challenge that has stunted the expansion of medical travel has been the problem of access. Healthcare providers who had what it takes to deliver world-class healthcare and excellent patient experience found it difficult locating their target patient population, while patients in need of these superior qualities could not find these healthcare providers through all the noise in the industry.  

Global Provider Network is the one-stop shop for access and growth in the industry, pooling healthcare resources – including providers, referral organizations (which include insurance companies, governments, medical travel facilitators, and TPAs) and health payers – together, consolidating their unique offerings to improve partnerships, patients, and profitability.

Recently, Hospital Clinica Biblica, the largest private hospital in Costa Rica, joined the Global Provider Network, boosting its medical tourism business and driving a paradigm shift in healthcare tourism in Costa Rica.  

Founded in 1929, Hospital Clinica Biblica, which offers services across more than 80 specialties, including orthopedic surgery, cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, and bowel surgery, head and neck surgery, and neurosurgery, has opened its offerings to the international market leveraging the opportunities available on the GPN platform.  

“Our partnership with the Global Provider Network is a huge watershed moment for us and for Costa Rica,” said CEO of Hospital Clinica Biblica, Gerardo Sanchez Cordero. “Clinica Biblica has a long history of treating medical tourists and providing a high level of healthcare. Joining the Global Healthcare Resources demonstrates our commitment to and capacity to provide quality care to American medical tourists, taking our business to the next level.”

Similarly, Pacifica Salud is breaking new ground in medical travel, as it expands its frontiers and networks through the Global Provider Network. Pacifica Salud, which is the only healthcare provider in Central America to be affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine and one of the leading hospitals in the region, is beginning to see swift and seamless access to referral organizations and rapid surge in patient volumes within a short period since it joined the network.  

“As one of the top hospitals in Latin America, affiliated with Johns Hopkins we are positioned to provide much more affordable options for Americans while providing high quality healthcare ,” CEO of Pacifica Salud, Rafael Cohen said, “We are proud to Join the Global Provider Network, and partnering with Global Healthcare Resources, will launch Pacifica Salud to a global level, boosting our brand visibility, expanding our capacity, rapidly increasing our international patient volume.” he added.  

Pacifica Salud, leverages its unique tourist position, being conveniently located in the heart of the beautiful city of Panama, creating easy access to the city’s sublime tourist attractions, airports, and recreational centers. With just 15 minutes from the Panama City International Airport, Hospital Punta Pacifica is the perfect destination for international health payers and patients seeking solutions to complex medical needs.  

Hospital Clinical Biblica and Pacifica Salud are among the hospitals leveraging this turnkey program to drive the shift in the medical tourism business across different regions of the world. This is indeed a game changer for the industry, as healthcare providers, referral organizations, and patients break down the barriers to quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare services.

The opportunities available through the Global Provider Network are enormous and benefit all players in the industry, including healthcare buyers, providers, and referral organizations.  

The Global Provider Network focuses on the 3 “P” Priorities, aimed at increasing Partnerships, Patients, and Profitability through tested solutions that address the multiple barriers to healthcare access.  

GPN not only allows providers easy and fast access to health buyers and payers, it also opens the door to collaboration with other healthcare providers and organizations who are at the top of their game. This results in an international network of medical teams that share ideas, educational resources, training, and expertise to further improve the quality of their offerings and services.  

Leveraging the large pool of medical experts in the network, referral organizations are also able to easily access providers for second opinions and follow-up care to improve the patient experience and maintain the integrity of care.  

With faster and larger patient referrals comes a faster revenue stream and greater profitability. Providers as well as referral organizations are able to scale their revenues and improve their access to more commissions and discounts by leveraging the Global Provider Network.  

This robust program provides a unique advantage of access to medical tourism resources, training, certification, and accreditation programs to increase access to global best practices and establish greater trust in the medical travel space.  

To learn more about Global Provider Network, click here.  

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