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Destination Spotlight

Message from the CEO | DCW Dental Center

Destination Spotlight

1. Why should Costa Rica be considered an option for Americans seeking dental care abroad?

Costa Rican medical tourism has become one of the most recognized in the medical travel industry in recent years. In 2009, Costa Rica attracted more than 30 thousand medical travelers from different parts of the world. One of the most common reasons we found that drive international patients to Costa Rica is dental care, and this is thanks to the high quality of dental care services in the country as well as the lower prices of these services compared with advanced countries, such as the US and Canada. To add, hospitals in Costa Rica are accredited by international quality watchdogs to demonstrate to clients that they provide top-of-the-line and safe treatments.

Further, Costa Rica has a reputation for being a choice tourist destination thanks to its beautiful landscapes and natural parks as well as its proximity to the US and Canada. The fact that there is a large percentage of the population that speaks English in Costa Rica also makes it a choice spot for travelers coming from the U.S, UK, and other English-speaking nations.

2. Tell us about your expertise. How many implants, crowns, and veneers have you done?

Doctor Chin Wo has more than 20 years of experience in dentistry, particularly in dental implant procedures and cosmetic dentistry. He has provided excellent dental care for more than 60,000 patients and has performed 5,000 dental implant procedures for both local and international patients.

3. What is the experience like for patients? Why do patients choose you?

Patients choose DCW Dental Center because we provide highly specialized and individualized dental care. Our specialists listen to every patient's needs and solve them in a personalized approach, offering life changing treatments. The exclusiveness DCW Dental Center provides makes the patient's treatment enjoyable through the care continuum. Also, we are located within a Hospital that has multiple international accreditations, providing high-quality and safe procedures assessed against global best practices.

Patients prefer DCW Dental Center because Dr. Chin Wo has a robust professional reputation, which attracts more healthy buyers and clients.

4. Patients coming to you are seeking individualized care. They want to be treated and cared for as a name, and not just a number. Can you explain the difference as it pertains to the level of care you provide? 

DCW Dental Center provides a high level of care to each patient. We ensure that each patient receives specialized treatment that is adapted to their personal health, social and economic needs. Our staff is fully trained to treat each patient as a different client with different needs, desires, and concerns and not just as another case to the treated.

5. The patient experience is one thing, but the quality of the materials is another. You’ve mentioned before that the materials used for crowns, veneers, etc. are far different than the mass factory materials many dentists use. Can you elaborate on that?

At DCW Dental Center we use the highest quality materials and technology in the market. The Zirconia used in our restorations is imported from Europe, manufactured by Zirkonzahn, an international company and a key player in the market of producing high quality, long lasting materials and high aesthetics.      

We do not skimp in investing the necessary financial resources to acquire the best materials, equipment, instruments and laboratories to offer high-quality treatments; as Dr. Chin Wo says: ¨My treatments must meet 3 requirements

  1. That it serves to eat well.
  2. That it will look very good.
  3. That we can guarantee it for many years.

6. Tell us about your lab.

Our laboratory is managed by one of the best specialists in Zirkonzahn, a passionate technician who was trained in Switzerland to develop aesthetic and functional restorations. He is recognized not only in Costa Rica but worldwide as one of the leading technicians in Dental Arts, with more than 30 years of experience and 15 years working as a team with Dr. Chin Wo.    

The laboratory has extensive experience in the design and elaboration of restorations with the Cadcam system.

We use the best brand of zirconia in the world – Zirkonzahn – to ensure patients receive nothing less than top-notch dental care.

7. Why should patients care about the type of materials in their crowns and implants?

The clinical and aesthetic outcome, longevity, and risk of complications of dental procedures depend a lot on the type of materials used. The implants used, for instance, must be approved and be a trademark recognized to ensure patient safety and optimize results. At DCW Dental Center, we use implants by Zimmer Biomed, the most recognized implant brand in the United States, and for crowns and other restorations, we use Zirkonzahn, the best brand of zirconia in the world.

8. What are common mistakes people make in choosing crown, implant, or veneer colors (whiteness level)?

Many times the patient chooses colors for their dental restoration  without taking into account the skin color, and the anatomical features of their own teeth. This has an impact on the aesthetic results of the procedure

9. Tell us about HCB and why your dental clinic being a part of HCB is important?

Hospital Clinica Biblica is the private hospital in Costa Rica with the longest history, with more than 90 years providing high-quality and safe healthcare and wellness services to patients.  HCB also is accredited internationally by the Joint Commission, which is the global quality watchdog that evaluates and accredits medical care institutions and providers against global standards.

Being a part of this hospital also offers a great advantage to patients; for instance, if patients need a consultation with another specialist, they can easily access such care in the same building. Other benefits that the HCB provides are access to a wider range of medical and surgical services not restricted to dental care.

10.  What are your hobbies? What do you like doing for fun when you're not working?

Dr Chin Wo has a beautiful family, he loves spending time with his two children and wife. One of his hobbies is professional running, which has led him to complete 13 international marathons. He also likes to participate in social work, especially with groups that care for persons with socioeconomic disadvantages.

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