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Minimal Scar Hair Transplantation

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Many people are interested in minimal scar procedures from tummy tucks to breast augmentation. But how about hair restoration? A doctor from Budapest, Hungary is intriguing those suffering from hair loss to consider just that.

Dr. Vincze Peter created the ProFUE method, a quick and minimally invasive hair implantation system where a thicker needle extracts the hair so the donor and the person receiving the extraction are left virtually scar less. FUE stands for “Follicular Unit Extraction”.

Hair transplantation could be a great option as a medical tourism procedure because the recovery time is very minimal. Within a couple of days, most patients can resume regular activities. That could mean plenty of time to explore the city and enjoy being abroad.

The price for a procedure like this could be a little steep. It can run from $2300-$11,000 depending on the size of the graphing area.

More information on the minimally invasive procedure can be found by visiting Pro Hair Clinic’s website

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