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MTA announces launch of new and improved website!

Industry News

The MTA announces the launch of the Medical Tourism Association website with a new and improved look. The website incorporates a more user friendly system. New features include:

-New Members Only Login Page and Social Network

-Patient Referral Listings for Members

-Valuable Industry Reports, Surveys and PowerPoint

-Business-to-Business Resources

-Membership Directory

-Consumer Resources and Information

-Photo and Video Gallery

-Information Portals for Insurance Industry, Government, Employers and Patients

-Social Media Access to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Medical Tourism City Groups

The website provides fingertip access to all of the resources needed for gathering medical tourism information and social networking.

Furthermore, the website now features the MTA Store where membership can be purchased as well as advertising, destination branding programs and more.

The look and design of the new website is edgy, informative and much easier to navigate to find any information you may be looking for in the medical tourism field, states Jessica Johnson, Director of Operations for the Medical Tourism Association.

For members of the Medical Tourism Association, there is now a members only section which will include reports, studies and information from the MTA and industry leaders. It will also be a place for members to network and share documents.

The members only section was created as an added networking benefit for current and new members of the Association. It will be a global space for players in the medical tourism industry to share their expertise, knowledge and information to a broad audience quickly and efficiently, states Jessica Johnson Director of Operations for the Medical Tourism Association.

The new, user-friendly website can be seen by simply visiting:

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