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MTA Completes First Successful Free Medical Tourism Webinar on Implementation of Medical Tourism in US Health Insurance Plans

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Jeff Turney of USNOW and Ross Pendergraft, President of the Los Angeles Association of Health Underwriters presented the first Free Medical Tourism Webinar Educational Series by the Medical Tourism Association on June 24th 2009.

USNOW is one of the leading providers of limited medical health insurance plans. Jerry Turney talked about his experience with USNOW , why they have implemented medical tourism, and why he believes medical tourism will be adopted by many other US health insurance companies and employers.

Ross Pendergraft, President of the Los Angeles Association of Health Underwriters spoke on similar aspects of the industry. Ross explained how medical tourism is growing and why he felt the need as President of LAAHU to cover medical tourism at LAAHU's Annual Conference this past May.

Over 70 people from all over the world tuned in to listen to the first Webinar by the Medical Tourism Association! Everyone raved about the excellent presentations, which lasted about thirty minutes, followed by thirty minutes of question and answer! Each attendee was able to ask questions directly to both Jeff and Ross during the session.

A lot of attendees appreciated the feedback and advice during the Webinar. These webinars are ground-breaking in the Medical Tourism Industry, because not only is it a learning experience, but also a brand new networking tool as well.

Join in and listen to the next webinar featuring Wouter Hoeberechts of WorldMed Assist and Matt Leming of Swiss Reinsurance Company as they discuss medical tourism with self-funded employers and the WorldMed Assist and Swiss Reinsurance Relationship on Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM EDT.

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