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MTA Launches 2011 Medical Tourism Initiatives Jan 11, 2011

Industry News

The Medical Tourism Association has announced its new Medical Tourism 2011 Strategic Initiatives and Campaign. The theme for 2011 will be “Patients in Emerging Markets, Market Research and Intelligence.” Over the last four years, the Medical Tourism Association has developed platforms for business to business relationships between stakeholders in the international healthcare realm.

We have effectuated educational platforms for governments, investment organizations and insurance companies to better understand the opportunities and challenges in the industry. As more and more regions develop their programs for healthcare exchange and export, the MTA’s outreach will be greater than ever.

This year the Medical Tourism Association will be launching some completely new and innovative initiatives including the following programs. * Education and Collaboration with New and Emerging Patient/Buyer of Healthcare Markets – Developing New Relationships and Increasing Patient Access in Russia, CIS countries, China, Japan, Middle East and Gulf Coast Countries Comprehensive Medical Tourism Research, Market Intelligence and Trends * Greater Expansion of Consumer Awareness Campaigns * Comprehensive Web Campaign Targeting Prospective Patients through Education Portals * Travel Industry and Travel Agents Partnerships and Educational Programs * Continuum of Care Networks through Educational Programs and CME We would like the industries feedback.

Please let us know of any initiatives or programs you would like the MTA to work on not listed above, or suggestions, comments and feedback about any of the initiatives above.

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