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MTA reports back from Medical Tourism Conference Jordan

Industry News

The Medical Tourism Association is reporting back from the International Medical Tourism Wellness & Spa Congress in Jordan. The organizer of the congress was the Private Hospitals Association – PHA in collaboration with the Medical Tourism Association.

The congress was a great success, some of the noted highlights were Renee-Marie Stephano MTA Presidents opening remarks on transparency, communication and education in the medical tourism marketplace and Bill Cook from Hospital Clinica Biblica in Costa Rica.

Bills presentation on the patient experience and seeing the international patient services center through the eyes of the international patient was well received by the congress participants. The MTA is currently working with PHA Hospitals on IPSC certification and related projects concerning the increased flow of international patients along with Hospital branding in attracting international patients.

The MTA will be holding their international medical tourism congress this year October 24th-26th 2012 in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and is expecting to surpass last years participants numbers as the medical tourism industry grows and healthcare providers look to the MTA as the best in class provider in medical tourism information and resources.

Mark Swirsky

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