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MTA to Launch Medical Tourism Destination Guides

Industry News

Nov 1, 2010

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA–(Marketwire – Nov. 1, 2010) –

The MTA has announced the release of medical tourism and healthcare destination guides providing exclusive highlights of a destination, country or city with detailed information about the quality of healthcare found in that region. The Medical Tourism Magazine’s Healthcare Guide will include information on hospitals, clinics, medical spas, wellness centers, hotels and tour operators for patients. It will also feature tourism information for patients with full color photos. In furtherance of the MTA’s drive for education, these guides will help patients, companions, insurance companies, governments and medical tourism facilitators gather knowledge particular medical tourist destinations.

Renée-Marie Stephano, President of the MTA and Chief Editor of Medical Tourism Magazine said, “Patients have very few sources of information to turn to when researching options for medical care around the world. This book will provide new access to patients around the world to critical healthcare information. Countries or Cities who choose to publish a destination guide may see faster growth of inquiries about healthcare services in the region with the increased availability of information made available to patients. Patients will be able to access the information from the Medical Tourism Magazine website at no cost right at their fingertips. The majority of patients research for medical information is gathered online, and making this information available at no cost will increase consumer awareness of medical services worldwide. The print edition will be in color and be an invaluable resource for everyone.”

The Features of the Healthcare Destination Guides will be:

  • Each guide covers a specific Destination, Country or City
  • Detailed Information about the Quality of Healthcare in the Destination Country and the Healthcare Infrastructure found in the designated region
  • Information on Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Spas, Wellness Centers, Hotels and Tour Operators for Patients
  • Tourism Information for Patients and their Companions during their medical stay
  • Expectations of patients and companions when traveling to specific countries and cities
  • Full Color photos of the hospitals and tourism opportunities unlike other industry guides
  • Instant Free Access for Patients by download from Medical Tourism Magazine website
  • Print edition available for purchase by patients, insurance companies, employers and facilitators through and other book merchants for worldwide distribution.

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