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N95 – Ending the Pandemic in 4 Weeks

Industry News

Havard Medical School Physician Dr. Abrarr Karan made a daring statement in a recent CNN interview, stating that if everyone wore an N95 mask, we could end the pandemic in less than four weeks!  This is a plausible statement as N95 masks are the gold standard of mask protection. People have been wearing ineffective masks with poor filtration and protection against Covid-19 since the pandemic, and they might not even know it. Cloth masks, for instance, could have filtration efficiencies of as low as 30%.


While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and many health experts are telling everyone to start “double masking,” you will notice they are no longer saying that there is an N95 shortage —the narrative has changed; the Director of the CDC Rochelle Walensky recently announced in February that they are not recommending people to wear N95’s because they are “uncomfortable” to wear all day.

But why wear two masks when you can effectively protect yourself with a quality mask such as an N95.


Medical experts, including Dr. Abrarr Karan and Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Board of Director for Pfizer, have called for the public to use only N95 masks to get the best protection from COVID-19 whether or not you’ve been inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccine. Just recently also, a team of public health experts who advised Joe Biden during the presidential transition has urged wider use of N95s if we wanted to stop the pandemic in its tracks.


Jonathan Edelheit, Chairman and Co-founder of GHR, describes the purported shortage of the N95’s as artificial, blaming it on brokers and distributors who are looking to ramp up profits by driving the rates up.  They are also requiring huge purchases of their masks, such as a minimum purchase order of 1 million masks, making them inaccessible to individuals with chronic conditions, the elderly, and those in nursing homes, assisted living centers, and retirement communities.


Edelheit says his goal is for every American to have unfettered access to an N95 mask. “Every at-risk individual or elderly person should not have to worry about getting sick or dying because they don’t have access to a high-quality filtration mask. Nurses and doctors shouldn’t have to reuse their masks again and again simply so other companies can make profits,” Edelheit said.


N95 masks offer the highest level of respiratory protection by face coverings, filtering out up to 95% of the tiniest infectious particles. An N95 mask consists of 5 layers to provide that extra protection. These are superior qualities to those of KN95s, which are purported to be as effective as N95s.


It’s time we dumped KN95’s as they aren’t as effective as N95’s and don’t yield the same results. Last spring, the FDA banned over 60 KN95 manufacturers and revoked their approval to ship their masks into the US!  Why? Over 60% had a failure rate during clinical evaluation, and some masks, instead of filtering 95%, filtered down to 5%. The CDC/NIOSH also stopped receiving any new applications from Chinese manufacturers for NIOSH certification.  


Global Healthcare Resources (GHR) leveraged its relationship of over 15 years with one of Asia’s largest hospitals to source N95’s for $1.00 per piece, which is the lowest price in the world and 50% to 300% less than what manufacturers, distributors, and others are charging.   We have found a way for everyone to access N95’s in small quantities and at affordable costs. Our goal is to break up the monopoly in this market and drive costs down for N95’s nationwide while opening up access.


Imagine a world where we could defeat Covid-19 in only 4 weeks and start getting back to normal. Imagine a world where the elderly aren’t scared about going to the grocery store or the doctor’s office, or a cancer patient going to the hospital for chemo wasn’t in fear of contracting Covid-19 because of their mask.  


If you know of any nursing homes, assisted living centers, retirement communities, schools, or other organizations that need assistance with getting access to N95’s for only $1.00, let us know.



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