Destination Spotlight


Destination Spotlight

When I was asked to write an article for publication in a Medical Tourism related journal I thought of giving a medical report including statistics of results obtained in Total Knee Replacement Total Hip Replacement Reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciform Ligament Rotator Cuff Plasty etc.

All these are procedures we do in the branch of orthopedic surgery. Instead I asked some of my former overseas patients for advice as to what they would like to read about in regards to Medical Tourism in Costa Rica.

Almost all agreed their attention was called primarily to the type of care they had received in our Clinic including my care the care provided by the medical team as well as the entire staff in charge of their care.We are a group of professionals devoted to solving your medical problems without forgetting to care for the person behind the ailments.

We want to see that you recover well from your surgery but also feeling emotionally well throughout the entire process. Unlike in America Patients are not just numbers in a production line. Fortunately thus far we have achieved this commitment.

All our patients not only leave satisfied with the medical result obtained they leave thankful for having found a different way of medical care.From the medical point of view it behooves just to mention that in Costa Rica we have the highest longevity index of Latin America comparable with USA and Canada. This compels us to have extensive practice in procedures frequently performed on patients beyond age sixty as are joint replacements.

With a Social Security institution giving coverage to 100% of the population and offering highly efficient services we have experience in handling implants from the best manufacturers both American and European (Biomet Zimmer Depuy Johnson & Johnson Synthes etc.)In sports our national soccer football team ranks around the 35th place worldwide. This is the most practiced sport in our country bringing us frequent injuries such as Meniscus Tear Anterior Cruciform Ligament Rupture Damaged Cartilage etc.

Needless to say we have quite a bit of experience resolving orthopedic problems.For years Costa Rica has been a strong medical tourism destination with Plastic Dental and medical Surgery. Accordingly we have plentiful experience with private hospital infrastructure and patient recovery and we have excellent rehabilitation centers that our orthopedic patients now are using.

I look forward to some day showing you the Costa Rican way we care for patients.Oscar Oeding B MD is an orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital Clinica Biblica in Costa Rica

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