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Patients Traveling From Afghanistan for Medical Treatment

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At this year's 6th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress in Las Vegas, a panel of healthcare buyers will discuss outbound medical tourism from the Middle East and Gulf Region.

Khalil Ahmad Mohmand, President of Max Global Consulting Services (MGCS) in Afghanistan

Panelists will discuss what patients from the region look for when deciding on a healthcare provider and what a healthcare provider needs to do in order to best meet the needs of these patients.

One of the panelists will be Khalil Ahmad Mohmand. He is the president of Max Global Consulting Services (MGCS) in Afghanistan. The MGCS is a Kabul based consulting firms that facilitates medical tourism for those Afghan patients who seek care outside of Afghanistan.

From his experience, Afghan patients seek a variety of different medical procedures abroad including, treatment of cardio-vascular disease, cardiac surgery, orthopedics, general surgery, spine surgery, renal diseases/procedures especially kidney stones removal, oncology, dental procedures, cosmetic surgery and infertility treatments.

To read more about his extensive experience, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ HIS FULL BIOGRAPHY. To hear his presentation on outbound medical tourism from Afghanistan, you can register for the Congress by clicking HERE.

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