Pre-Congress Issue 35: Medical Tourism Magazine


The Pre-Congress Issue 35: Medical Tourism Magazine is packed with articles on industry trends advice interviews and the latest news in the global healthcare industry. Also as an added bonus....the opposite side of the magazine features the Medical Tourism Association's partner publication Corporate Wellness Magazine where readers can learn about the latest in the corporate wellness industry and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while at work or at home.

Click here to view the magazine in the Flip through version : http://medicaltourismmag.com/flip/MTM_Issue35/Click here to download the PDF version : http://medicaltourismmag.com/flip/MTM_Issue35/document.pdf. Click here to read the articles in HTML version: http://www.medicaltourismmag.com/issue/mtm-issue-35/Or contact OGoodwin@MedicalTourismAssociation.com to order a hard copy of the magazine.

The Medical Tourism Magazine would like to give a special thanks to the contributing authors :

  • Dr. Adrienne Boissy
  • Audrey Philpot
  • Bill Cook
  • Dr. Cristy Kessler
  • Gita Zenknerova
  • Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato
  • Healthycell
  • Iria Estrada
  • Jeff Swiatek
  • Kathleen LeSage
  • Mary Miller
  • Medifrance Solution
  • Nick Hernandez
  • Pete Read
  • Whitney Oxford

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