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[San Jose Costa Rica] Recently a patient referred to as G.L. from Florida United States had his gall bladder removed at Costa Ricas Clinica Biblica Hospital. In recuperation afterward G.L. spent time at the Casa Conde Recovery Center and received aftercare services from Homewatch CareGivers.

As an innovator in the caregiving field with over 30 years of experience one of the ways in which Homewatch CareGivers has responded to the growth of medical tourism and global healthcare is developing a comprehensive Aftercare Program. The companys Costa Rican office for example provides post-surgical care for patients recovering in San Jose and upon return to the United States that same patient can opt to continue his or her caregiving treatments with one of Homewatch CareGivers many US-based offices.

Continuity of care plans are therefore assured for a patient opting for medical care overseas.G.L. was pleased with his overall experience and says The care provided by Homewatch CareGivers was excellent. Besides the highly professional skills and capabilities extended by their staff having them by my side gave me the extra peace of mind I needed to have a more relaxed recovery process.

Another patient who goes by E.M. from California U.S. recently received a gastric sleeve procedure at Costa Ricas Clinica Biblica Hospital. After the procedure she too decided to spend her recovery at the Casa Conde Recovery Center and also received aftercare services from Homewatch CareGivers.I was afraid to have this surgery even more so to have it done in a foreign country.

Knowing the high quality of medical services in Costa Rica and the fact that I had access to Homewatch CareGivers services down there and back at home helped me make the decision of having my surgery done in Costa Rica E.M. stated.Based on the astounding growth and expansion statistics related to medical travel we see our aftercare program as the clear solution for completing the continuity of quality care for all patients.

We have a robust employee and associate training and quality assurance program that includes an online university platform to ensure we have caregivers who are trained on the intricacies of working with people with greater medical needs worldwide.Since global patients or medical tourists have varying care objectives the Homewatch CareGivers Aftercare Program helps provide clients with the best customized care plan for their specific recovery needs through streamlined communication tools and a quality assurance process.

The program recognizes and customizes the varying needs of different clients in all stages of care and works toward a seamless and coordinated plan of care for each client in conjunction with their medical facilitator or physician/clinic.We believe strong established relationships with facilitators physicians and facilities are critical to the overall quality of care that is successfully extended to patients.

The primary goal of all services is to increase post-surgical or post-treatment compliance and thus the desired recovery outcomes by supporting clients with highly trained knowledgeable and compassionate caregivers providing the highest quality of care outcomes possible.Homewatch CareGivers continues to expand this program by identifying potential franchise partners for care coordination through home care services by studying the most prevalent locations for procedures and treatments and identifying growth areas around the globe.

Homewatch CareGivers has identified several emerging hubs in Mexico Brazil Malaysia South Africa India and other areas around the world for their services and programs.Homewatch CareGivers currently has 180 offices throughout the U.S. and internationally in Costa Rica Guatemala Panama Canada and New Zealand. This international network enables Homewatch CareGivers to meet the aftercare needs of many people traveling for medical care.

We know the industry of medical tourism is growing significantly and we believe the caregiver component is a critical aspect of overall quality care coordination says company President Leann Reynolds. Through Homewatch CareGivers University we train our caregivers to understand the diseases health conditions procedures and vast cultural differences that are inherent in working internationally in order to serve as ancillary support to the patient experience.

Homewatch CareGivers was a Silver Sponsor of the 2010 World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress. Learn more about Homewatch CareGivers at:

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With more than 15 years of experience in international relations and operations Ms Forbes spearheads the efforts of Homewatch CareGivers global healthcare and medical tourism initiatives. She works directly with the network of Homewatch CareGivers offices to support grow and expand their operations that includes a directed focus on global development efforts. She has been instrumental in the design and administration of the Aftercare Specialists Program of Homewatch CareGivers.

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