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Puerto Rico Poised for Medical Tourism

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida. – Today the Medical Tourism Association announced a strategic partnership with the Puerto Rican Governmentto support the growing medical tourism sector.

Although relatively new to medical tourism, Puerto Rico offers medical travelers a host of benefits, some of which are not available at any other medical tourism destination.

The island is easily accessible from the U.S. mainland, the Caribbean and Latin America. Puerto Rico's healthcare infrastructure and medical expertise rival that of the United States and Europe. Most hospitals are Joint Commission accredited, and many are experienced in high complexity procedures and treatments not available at many other destinations. As a U.S. territory, American medical travelers have the same legal recourse as they do in the U.S.

Puerto Rico is poised to become a prime destination for medical tourists, said Renée-Marie Stephano, President of the Medical Tourism Association, a global organization. It possesses all the valuable elements that international patients are looking for. The MTA is excited to work with Puerto Rico to establish strong best practices and promoting high quality international patient experience.

The MTA and Puerto Rican government are developing a long-term development strategy that includes a feasibility study, training and certification of healthcare and hospitality providers and destination branding.

Luis Rivera Marin, Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company stated, Puerto Rico has the healthcare infrastructure to be a global leader. The training the MTA is providing to our hospitals and hotel sectors will be invaluable to positioning Puerto Rico as a leader in this industry.

Medical tourism is a reality in Puerto Rico. We have well trained physicians, all who have to comply with credentialing and privileging requirements similar to all U.S. hospitals. Out hospitals are required to comply with CMS and The Joint Commission accreditation standards. Finally, we can produce many medical procedures and treatments at a cost 40 to 60% below when compared with other states or jurisdictions, said Dr. Lorenzo Gonzlez-Feliciano, Puerto Rico's Secretary of Health.

The MTA will leverage multiple marketing channels to inform the world about the quality of care and many tourism attractions available in Puerto Rico. These include yearly congress, magazines, and websites.

The Medical Tourism Association is a Global Non-profit Association for the Medical Tourism and International Patient Industry. The MTA works with healthcare providers, governments, insurance companies, employers and other buyers of healthcare – in their medical tourism, international patient, and healthcare initiatives – with a focus on providing high quality transparent healthcare.

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