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PulseProtocol is a Can't-Miss Global Healthcare Technology

Robert Page
PulseProtocol, LLC
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The following was originally published in the October 2019 special print edition of Medical Tourism Magazine, which was initially available at the 12th annual World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress in Abu Dhabi.

PulseProtocol is a multi-sided marketplace that allows medical tourism stakeholders to seamlessly collaborate with one another while generating increased revenues.

This first-of-its-kind platform is super charged with blockchain technology to introduce security, trust, and governance in an industry where customer confidence is everything.

To all users, Pulse provides a GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant technology platform loaded with game-changing SaaS solutions, including integrated CRM and pipeline management, live communication (video, phone and message) portal, integrated EHR data management, accounting and reporting dashboard, provider reputation and reviews and secure payment solutions.

Additionally, Pulse offers (as desired) the following...

  1. Value to Patient Facilitators and Patient Facilitator Groups: High-intent customer leads, instant access to a world-class, global network of accredited providers, hospitals and clinics, vendor services with commissions, as well as 24-hour, multi-lingual customer support.
  2. Value to Hospitals, Clinics, and Providers: Increased volume of international patients, opportunities for new revenue streams, access to MTA-certified, multi-lingual patient facilitators from multiple time zones, expanded global brand awareness with a professional profile and landing pages, as well as 24-hour, multi-lingual customer support.
  3. Value to Self-Insured Groups and Patients: Access to certified, multi-lingual patient facilitators from multiple time zones, a world-class, global network of accredited providers, hospitals and clinics, supportive ancillary services, as well as 24-hour, multi-lingual customer support.

Why Blockchain Technology?

We use blockchain technology and decentralized applications to safely and securely capture, validate and manage data associated with electronic health records, financial transactions, provider/facility accreditations, and provider/facility reputations. Inaccessible or partial patient records can delay the process for all parties, but with blockchain, these records can be made accessible to anyone the patient chooses. Because these records are securely stored on the blockchain and not in the cloud, a security breach is virtually impossible.

Additionally, blockchain allows for secure international payments without incurring any exchange rate or transfer fees. Furthermore, provider background information and their reviews and ratings are instantly validated by the blockchain to ensure confidence.

These capabilities maximize socially reinforced retention and network effects, amplifying our users’ ability to maximize revenues, while minimizing traditional barriers to entry.

This revolutionizing technology will play a massive role in rectifying many of the discordances in the medical tourism industry we know today, paving the way for simplified and secure healthcare in the future.

Why Pulse?

Our founding team has a combined 50 years of experience in the medical tourism industry, facilitating more than 30,000 procedures worldwide and establishing credentialing and certifying programs to raise the bar in quality, transparency and accountability throughout the industry. We’ve also built and scaled multiple successful Silicon Valley-backed technology companies. We know product and understand user experience. The way Salesforce empowers sales people, Pulse empowers medical tourism stakeholders.

It can be a struggle to get a foothold in the medical tourism industry; low-intent leads are expensive and long-tailed. Building and maintaining trusting relationships with medical personnel and patient facilitators are time-consuming and unpredictable. To capture prospective clients, stakeholders must all cooperate, stitching together their relationships using expensive, incompatible, legacy technology solutions. Legal risk is high as “more than 40 percent of medical tourism professionals do not have the technology and resources to ensure data privacy and protection.” The list goes on.

To summarize value, the Pulse platform offers a comprehensive, company-in-a-box solution to stakeholders seeking to generate increased revenues as well as a safe and familiar environment to their customers. With 24/7 customer support and seamless integration into an existing business, for a limited time Pulse allows stakeholders to instantly tap into our marketplace hub with NO START UP COSTS or MONTHLY FEES. Payment is on a PER-USE BASIS.

The Pulse team welcomes you to join us as we launch and celebrate this new era at the 12th annual World Medical Tourism Congress this year in Abu Dhabi. If you would like to learn more about Pulse or demo the platform, we invite you to visit our website at

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