Recommended Zika Precautions for Medical Travel


Ref: Recommended Zika Precautions

The Medical Tourism Association® (MTA) endorses the Center for Disease Control recommendations on Zika found at the following web address, http://www.cdc.gov/zika/ and urges all travelers to review this site regularly prior to travel to any Zika prone destinations.

We recognize this virus has an impact on medical travel in that travelers must be fully informed and take recommended Zika precautions. Through its International Patient Services® Training and Certification Program, the MTA specifically addresses the necessary operational processes to address adequate preparation and communication with medical travelers in its core competencies associated with Infection Control & Hazardous Waste Management, Physical Environment and Travel & Tourism.

The MTA highly recommends all healthcare facilities in Zika prone destinations to take the recommended Zika precautions as endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and for those maintaining International Patient Services Certification to vigilantly maintain compliance with the standards in the aforementioned core competencies.

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